Who We Are

It was all started when Mr. Jacob Maimon, CEO of STAR 8 GREEN TECHNOLOGY CORP., arrived in the Philippines and fell in love with the country. As the inventor of Star 8 products, he believed that he can make a difference and help create a better life for the Filipinos. On December 2015, Star8 launched its first showroom in Cavite. With the partnership and support of Star8 and our experience as an international company, we are confident in bringing our mission and vision into reality.

Our mission is to help create a healthier life through a cleaner environment. Help lower the cost of electricity bill by using Star 8 BIPV. To provide a cleaner, greener, more comfortable, affordable, and better transportation vehicles that will improve the daily commute, help increase the income of the drivers, reduce the air pollution, and bring some quiet to our noisy streets.

We see ourselves as an innovative and solutions provider, and together with our Research and Development department and Philippines assembling team, we can create and produce renewable energy products that will provide solution for your energy problem.

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