Solar Tile

The Star 8 Solar Tile takes the best of Australian traditional roof tile design and combines it with the latest solar technology. Star 8 Solar Tiles provide the homeowner with a fully integrated solar solution, removing the need for a retrofitted ‘bolt on’ system which has the potential to damage the existing roof. Star 8 Solar Tiles combine high efficiency Solar Photovoltaic modules and traditional roofing tiles, creating an integrated, functional solar roof tile. Star 8 solar tiles are fully compatible with the majority of tiled roofs so retrofitting the solar tiles to your roof has just become an attractive option.
Increased efficiencies allow a 5KW system to replace approximately 340 standard roof tiles which is around 10% of the average roof space. And if you want to produce more power, just install more tiles!

The Star 8 roof tile range includes mono-crystalline, poly-crystalline and thin film technology, enabling even the shady roofs to produce power – direct sunlight is no longer an essential requirement.
As we say….it just makes sense!!!

Benefits And Advantages of Solar Tiles

• It can be installed easily with safer application
• Cost-Effective and durable
• Available for purlin and non purlin slope roof systems
• 10 years 90% energy output, 25 years 80% energy output, and no water invasion

As an innovative patent holding company, our solar products are highly recommended for both commercial and residential purposes.

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