Frequently Asked Questions

Can solar power any kind of appliance? Or just lights or aircons?

The system’s inverter converts the DC electricity from the solar panels into AC electricity is configured according to the voltage and phase supplied by Meralco, which meets all the same energy needs.

Will the system come with batteries?

For own-use systems: Given that the system is sized well below your energy demand, all energy will be consumed as soon as it is produced, so there will be no need to store excess energy in batteries. Additionally, batteries add up to 50% to system cost, and are therefore still not economically viable. The majority of your electricity will still be supplied by Meralco.

Will this disrupt business operations?

The installation should in no way disrupt business operations. Our team has project experience on high-rises, malls, residences, and factories, in each case adjusting to the prescribed work hours and conditions. Once installed, the system functions on its own. Our team monitors its performance remotely, and returns to site for periodic cleaning and repairs as needed.

Will solar work when it rains?

Daytime still has some sunlight no matter the weather, albeit solar production will rise and fall according to the weather, time of day, and time of year. Our financial projects utilize assumptions based on historical Philippine irradiation data.

What about leakages?

Schletter mounting systems are designed to prevent leakage; a rubber seal is fit between the clamp and the bored hole, and the accompanying screws are equipped with sealing discs which prevent water from penetrating the drilled holes. For plugging any leaks that do arise (whether caused by our installation or not), our technical team will be available to temporarily disconnect and remove panels over the leakage area at the soonest.

What about typhoons?

The mounting systems that Schletter provides us are customized according to the area’s wind speed, increasing the number of fasteners per panel for regions like the Philippines. We will provide these calculations for your verification.

What about when we renovate the roof?

Before we install, we will make sure the roof is in good condition. Once installed, panels protect the roof from direct exposure to the sun and other elements, thereby significantly extending a roof’s lifespan. If you ever need to replace the roof, we can re-install the panels at minimal cost.