Street Lighting

The Star8 Solar Street Light integrates a solar panel, LED lamp and the Li-Fe battery into a single product. With its low energy, long life and high luminance maintenance free features, the Star8 Solar Street Light is a winning combination.

The Star8 Solar Street Light is perfect for residential or commercial use particularly in remote areas or difficult installation scenarios.The solar setup converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the Li-Fe battery via the controller. The Li-Fe battery ensures that available power for up to 8 days, even during low solar periods. The LED high luminance light will work automatically via the light sensor control.

Star8 provides the best solar streetlights, which provide continuous dusk till dawn illumination, while giving you a smart energy saving solution. We are empowering the adoption of solar street lighting systems across the country with the latest solar lighting technologies.

Our solar powered streetlights are designed for seasonal conditions and are engineered for a wide range of physical and operating environments. They are perfect for rural, suburban and metropolitan areas and have been carefully designed for outdoor use thus requiring little or no maintenance.

Throughout all project stages, customer satisfaction is our paramount concern and our Philippines based staff are well-trained and available to answer any questions pertaining to solar street lights or other solar powered products. Choose Star8 for the best solar streetlights and discover an amazing way to illuminate lives while saving lots of precious energy.

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Solar power for street lights … it just makes sense.